• An unique protein for high-protein beverage

    5 October 2015

    We offer sports, dietetic and senior nutrition markets the opportunity to formulate very high-protein drinks with preserved texture and taste.

    PRODIET Fluid is an unique micellar casein designed to incorporate higher levels of proteins in a drink while inducing 70 to 88% less viscosity compared to a standard Milk Protein Isolate (MPI).

    PRODIET Fluid’s increased fluidity enables the formulation of very high protein ready-to-drink beverages, providing 35 g of high quality native proteins in a 250 ml bottle, while limiting increased viscosity.

    Nevertheless the taste and the texture of this ready-to-drink product are both improved compared to other protein drinks from the market.

    PRODIET Fluid offers the high-protein beverage a neutral taste. Drinks are additive-free and preservative-free. They feature a consumer-friendly label.

    High-protein drinks for sports nutrition have multiple proven benefits our beverage Tone Up which is rich in leucine for supporting muscle maintenance growth, low fat and has very high protein content.

    Sports & dietetic nutrition players can now provide efficient, fluid, convenient and tasty products at the same time!

  • An ideal protein for high-protein pudding

    7 August 2015

    With a Chemical Index >120, PRODIET Advance is a high quality Micellar casein (MPI). In spray-dried powder which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter, this unique ingredient is rich in micellar caseins (92% on total protein as compared to 80% in standard MPC or fresh milk).

    Our Micellar caseins are directly separated from skimmed milk using membrane technologies which is a non-denaturing process. This process enables to intensify the original milk benefits in a unique ingredient which combines outstanding technological and nutritional functionalities to produce healthy end-products.

    PRODIET Advance enables the pudding to reach up to 12% protein content while keeping creamy and smooth texture combined with pleasant milky taste contrary to standard milk protein isolates and caseinates from the market.

    High-protein puddings containing PRODIET Advance can be consumed as a snack in dietietic, sports and clinical nutrition.

    • They are specially designed for efficient weight management by promoting fat loss.
    • Puddings can help the body before, during and after a sport session thanks to amino acids essential for muscle building & growth, recovery & lean body mass preservation.
    • They also support weakened consumers to prevent malnutrition and preserve muscle health in case of sarcopenia.

    We developed ready-to-eat puddings rich in protein in line with market trends and consumer expectations: a 125g portion is a very convenient format, following consumers in their daily nutritional needs.