• PRODIET® Fluid the star milk protein of 2016

    16 December 2016

    In 2016, PRODIET® Fluid raised the bar for innovation:
    It was featured in a 14% very high protein natural beverage at SSW in Las Vegas and then in a 12% protein meal replacement at HIE Frankfurt.
    Look back on 2016’s novel innovations: …
    Ready-to-drink beverages continue to be trendy and Ingredia is on the forefront of innovation. 2016 was synonymous with novelty with two new concepts presented at trade shows around the world:
    Natural drink rich in protein, 35g in 250ml (SSW – Las Vegas)
    -Very high protein meal replacement that contains 30g of protein in 250ml (HIE- Frankfurt).

    These two concepts have been developed with a unique protein: PRODIET® Fluid. This milk protein, a native micellar casein, allows developing drinks very high in protein with good fluidity and a pleasant dairy taste. The very good nutritional profile of PRODIET® Fluid, rich in BCAA and highly bio available micellar calcium, makes it specifically adapted for the nutrition market, sport, clinical and weight management.

  • PRODIET® Fluid: nutritional protein for meal replacement

    6 December 2016

    PRODIET® Fluid is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. PRODIET® Fluid has a delicious milky taste and high nutritional quality (rich in BCAA* and in leucine).

    This unique micellar casein combines technical and nutritional functionalities; it enables the development of meal replacement with a high protein content while keeping incredible fluidity, smooth texture and milky taste. After UHT treatment, PRODIET® Fluid remains perfectly fluid for an industry-leading Ready To Drink product.

  • PRODIET® 90 to develop high-protein products with reduced-lactose

    2 May 2016

    PRODIET® 90  contains both micellar casein and native whey in the same ratio as skimmed milk. This milk ingredient makes it ideal to develop products rich in protein while reducing the protein quantity added.

    Also, the lactose-reduced content of this protein allows the formulation of products with no/low/reduced lactose claims.

    This outstanding milk protein can be used in beverages and powdered solutions, for the weight management and sport market.

    PRODIET® 90 in a milk beverage enriched in protein, enriched in calcium & low in sugar, won the price “Healthy lifestyle” at Vitafoods Geneva exhibition.

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  • PRODIET® Fluid, an outstanding milk protein

    3 March 2016

    PRODIET® Fluid enables to formulate ready-to-drink beverages with up to 14% of protein (35 g of high quality native proteins in a 250 ml bottle), while limiting increased viscosity.

    Thanks to its nutritional properties, beverages featuring PRODIET® Fluid are targeting sports, diet and clinical nutrition markets.

    Convenient, natural & indulgent… Discover our VERY high protein drink concepts!

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  • PROMILK® : unique milk proteins!

    15 January 2016

    As a creaminess booster, PROMILK® 600 A is highlighted in two dairy concepts:
    – a high-protein dairy bar to obtain a tasty and great mouthfeel and
    – a high protein drinking yogurt in order to produce a highly fluid yogurt containing up to 10% protein.

    A new way to produce cheese and more sepcifically pasta filata.
    Thanks to the functional properties of PROMILK® Chiz B87, Industrials produce pasta filata without whey separation while keeping all functionalities of this cheese: authentic taste, stretching  and melting properties. Our protein, combined with this new technology, enables a 100% yield and the adaptability of the offer to the local preferences (form, taste…).

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