• Promilk® Yogfluid, the milk protein to boost creaminess in high protein drinking yogurt

    1 December 2020

    Nowadays, protein diet is not just followed by bodybuilders. Indeed, health-conscious consumers think protein-enriched foods are good
    snacking options, which offer enhanced satiety effect and energy benefits.

    Promilk® Yogfluid is a milk protein developed to boost creaminess in high protein drinking yogurt. Its unique properties allow raising protein content up to 12%. Promilk® Yogfluid benefits in drinking yogurts are:

    • Boost the creaminess
    • Bring a pleasant fluidity
    • Give a good natural milky taste

    Drinking yogurt is an ideal on-the-go snack for active people, as a breakfast replacement, or a healthy in-between meal snack. Promilk® Yogfluid answers to consumer’s three key product demands: health, mobility and pleasure.

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  • Promilk® B Max, the “Clean label” functional milk protein

    Nowadays, more than 1 product out of 3 launched in the world is concerned by the clean label trend. Indeed, consumers want more transparency and natural in products they eat. Consumers want simple products, less manufactured, made by known ingredients that inspire trust.

    Promilk® B Max answers to this challenge because it is a clean label texturizing dairy protein that enables to develop natural fresh products, with a good milky taste and mouth coating. Promilk® B Max maximizes texture, up to 30% more firmness to your products and has water binding capacities and gel strength.

    Naturalness is expected in dairy sector, the “clean label trend 2.0” is going further to just replace artificial additives or other banned ingredients.

    Promilk® B Max enhances indulgent dairy products texture; an alternative 100% from milk by removing thickening agents. Formulating fresh cheese mousse without gelatin or spreadable cheese without carrageenan is now possible!

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  • Webinar on Healthy Ageing: growth request of protein in healthy ageing market

    30 October 2020

    Elsa Trotier, Product Manager responsible for the range of nutritional proteins and Wenqian Sun, Nutritional Development Specialist at Ingredia, will discuss in a FREE webinar the growth request of protein in healthy ageing market.

    Nowadays, population is getting older, in 2050, 2 billion of the global population will be more than 60 years (WHO). To support healthy ageing, many products are launched in senior nutrition. Most of them contain proteins. Seniors do not want to be categorized and want indulgent products as their counterpart.

    Faced with these challenges, Ingredia offers solutions to meet targeted nutritional needs and technical support during your product development with our range of nutritional milk proteins PRODIET®.

    Learn more and join us on Tuesday, November 24th, 1:45 P.M (French time) Save the date, register now!

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    Healthy senior protein

    25 August 2020

    From 7 to 11 september, Ingredia will be at Vitafoods Virtual Expo for a digital show this year, the first time! An original experience to discover benefits of our innovative bioactives and our milk proteins on elderly… Don’t forget the event to learn more on our brands, register now!

    Vitafoods virtual expo event bioactive milk protein for healthy ageing
  • PRODIET® Fluid, milk protein for serene aging

    24 June 2020

    Our concept “Move Up” dedicated to seniors is a healthy and indulgent protein drink. High in protein (10% protein) and calories, this beverage, with dairy ingredients like PRODIET® Fluid, is for better mobility by preventing sarcopenia and osteopenia. Packaged in a recyclable carton of 200ml, the beverage can be carried wherever you want and drink it throughout the day.

    As from the age of 40 to 50 years old, a reduction of muscular mass and physical abilities begins to appear. It represents a loss from 3 to 8% of muscular mass every 10 years depending on the lifestyle. This is the potential beginning of sarcopenia.
    The most important point is to provide enough proteins to the body in order to increase the muscular protein synthesis. 1.2g of proteins per kilogram of the bodyweight per day is a minimum to maintain muscular mass and improve physical abilities.
    The leucine, an essential amino acid is also very important to trigger muscle synthesis. A quantity of leucine between 2 and 3g is necessary to stimulate correctly the anabolism of elderly people.

    In the world, 33% of senior of 60 years and more, rate that mobility problems have a severe impact on their current health. 31% of global population are ready to take vitamins or supplements to treat or to help prevent mobility problems.

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  • Functional milk protein for indulgent and healthy products

    20 April 2020

    Eating habits change with the acceleration of life rhythms and the increasing concentration of active people in crowded cities. Consumers want a diet that is compatible with their ever-busy lifestyle.

    Dairy-based products are perceived by consumers as a good nutritional option all day long; as a snack, for breakfast, at night… High protein products are the stars of dairy snack.

    PROMILK® 600A is an outstanding functional dairy protein for your perfect healthy and indulgent dairy product: up to 10% of protein, low in fat, without compromise on taste & texture (Improved mouthfeel and creaminess, fresh dairy taste, shiny appearance, texturizer free.

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