PROMILK® 802 FB Takes it “Back to the Basics”

“Back to the basics” is the latest big trend. A growing number of consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives and are more open to trying new things. Food claims such as clean label, free-from, natural, non-GMO, etc. are perceived as claims to a healthy lifestyle.

The clean-label market is estimated at US$165 billion globally. To meet consumer expectations, manufacturers are reformulating products to have short ingredient lists and be as natural as possible by avoiding artificial ingredients and using fewer stabilizers.

With PROMILK® 802 FB, INGREDIA’s native whey protein, manufacturers can produce clean-label yogurts. This unique protein has two exceptional primary functionalities due to its native form (the same as in fresh milk): jellifying properties and water retention.

As a texture booster, requiring less than 0.5% in the recipe, PROMILK® 802 FB replaces 100% of gelatin and creates a perfect creamy and shiny yogurt.

Do you want to lead in this latest health trend? Then use PROMILK® 802 FB in your formulations.