PRODIET® Fluid, milk protein for serene aging

Our concept “Move Up” dedicated to seniors is a healthy and indulgent protein drink. High in protein (10% protein) and calories, this beverage, with dairy ingredients like PRODIET® Fluid, is for better mobility by preventing sarcopenia and osteopenia. Packaged in a recyclable carton of 200ml, the beverage can be carried wherever you want and drink it throughout the day.

As from the age of 40 to 50 years old, a reduction of muscular mass and physical abilities begins to appear. It represents a loss from 3 to 8% of muscular mass every 10 years depending on the lifestyle. This is the potential beginning of sarcopenia.
The most important point is to provide enough proteins to the body in order to increase the muscular protein synthesis. 1.2g of proteins per kilogram of the bodyweight per day is a minimum to maintain muscular mass and improve physical abilities.
The leucine, an essential amino acid is also very important to trigger muscle synthesis. A quantity of leucine between 2 and 3g is necessary to stimulate correctly the anabolism of elderly people.

In the world, 33% of senior of 60 years and more, rate that mobility problems have a severe impact on their current health. 31% of global population are ready to take vitamins or supplements to treat or to help prevent mobility problems.

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