An optimal cheese process: make it better with PROMILK® 852 B!

PROMILK® 852 B is a micellar casein from Ingredia. Created from only filtration processing, this protein is naturally rich in native micellar casein (92%). This native processing allows PROMILK® 852 B to have particularly high functionalities and nutritional quality.

PROMILK® 852 B: a functional milk protein

  • Optimal hydration: 94% of rehydration in 30 minutes
  • Texture improver: faster acidification in order to have the same texture versus using total milk protein (ex: MPC 85)
  • High water-binding capacities: a high quality protein gel

PROMILK® 852 B in cheese

Micellar casein is the best protein to produce very high quality cheese in an optimal way. PROMILK® 852 B is a versatile protein for cheese applications.

  • Enrichment and standardization: using PROMILK® 852 B guarantees milk composition consistency which standardizes the cheese composition and sensory profile. By using this ingredient, manufacturers ensure an optimal yield: an improvement in recuperation rates and an increase in manufacturing productivity.
  • Processed cheese: from block to spreadable cheese, PROMILK® 852 B provides structure and a creamy texture to the cheese. Ingredia’s micellar casein can be used in a wide range of processed cheese recipes and gives a soft texture to the finished product.
  • Cheese without whey separation: cheese can be produced with a 100% yield with PROMILK® 852 B. With this protein’s texturizing capability, it can be utilized in the formulation for soft cheese, cream cheese and white cheese.

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