Create innovation with unique milk protein PROMILK® 600 A

Greek yogurts have been the main launch for many years worldwide. With only 1% of the US market 10 years ago, high protein yogurts have currently 50% of the market share. This trend arrived in Asia in early 2016. But, what is the next big success in dairy category: fresh cheese? Icelandic yogurt? Kefir? With milk proteins, our experts support manufacturers and meet the challenge of creating the next big dairy innovation.

PROMILK® 600 A, a unique milk protein

PROMILK® 600 A is a very special milk protein. Easy-to-use, emulsifying capacity and water retention are the main functionalities of this unique protein. Using PROMILK® 600 A in fresh dairy products, manufacturers can easily produce high protein yogurt with a very pleasant creaminess and an indulgent mouthfeel. In a matrix containing rennet, PROMILK® 600 A provides a great firm structure to the product. Ingredia’s protein opens up a pool of innovations for the dairy industry.

PROMILK® 600 A in a shelf stable high protein yogurt

Using PROMILK® 600 A, manufacturers can produce 6% protein spoonable or drinking yogurt which are stable to room temperature. The product is very creamy – the main quality of PROMILK® 600 A – and fresh in mouth. All the advantages of a chilled yogurt in a shelf stable one!

PROMILK® 600 A in a dairy snack

The dairy snack we developed is a convenient and shelf stable snack. It has a 6 months shelf life while maintaining a perfect texture and taste. Without any E-numbers and texturizers, the dairy snack contains 13.5% proteins and 5% fat. In this concept, PROMILK® 600 A brings texture and structure to the dairy matrix.

A step ahead into the innovation thanks to PROMILK® 600 A!