Dairy protein and its role in the health of elderly people

During Health Ingredients Europe (HIE) 2018, Ingredia has essentially focused on nutrition and health in relation to the elderly population. We are therefore pleased to present 3 innovative concepts aimed at that market: a finger-food type dairy snack, a yogurt rich in calcium (to prevent osteoporosis) and a high protein beverage (aimed to combat overnight fasting).

  • A chocolate flavored bite size « Dairy snack » containing 13.5% dairy protein. The innovative dome shaped structure along with a creamy indulgent texture makes this product unique on the market. It is created with the use of the micellar casein PROMILK® SH 20 and milk protein PROMILK® 600 A. The association between these two proteins provides an optimal intake of essential amino acids that are slowly digested by the body. The indulgent yet adapted “easy to eat” format and creamy texture along with the high protein content make this snack an ideal option in the diet of an elderly person as it fulfills their daily protein requirements.
  • A yogurt which is rich in protein (10%) and highly bioavailable calcium (420mg). This indulgent yogurt has been formulated with the highly functional milk protein: PROMILK® 600 A. This yogurt completes the daily protein and calcium intake requirements needed to preserve bone health and prevent osteoporosis amongst the elderly.
  • A high protein beverage (12% protein) aimed to combat overnight fasting, has been formulated with two complementary protein: native micellar casein PRODIET® Fluid and native whey protein hydrolysate PRODIET® Hydrolysate S25. This unique micellar casein has been specifically developed to formulate high protein beverages while retaining perfect fluidity. PRODIET® Fluid has a high nutritional quality (rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids and in leucine). These two proteins have optimal biodisponibility in all of the amino acids. The high content of leucine and its fast assimilation by the body, triggers muscle synthesis and thus avoiding muscle mass loss which is an important health issue within the elderly community. The micellar caseins of the PRODIET® Fluid are slowly digested (fully digested up to 7 hours after ingestion), thus making them efficient against overnight fasting by providing a “fuller for longer” feeling.