PRODIET® milk proteins, partners for athletes

The nutrition importance in high-performance sports has been widely recognized. PRODIET® is a range of milk proteins with a high-nutritional profile adapted to the development of products for this specialized market. It is composed of micellar caseins slowly digested and thus ideal for the recovery (PRODIET® Fluid) and native whey quickly digested to give energy immediately before the sport challenge (PRODIET® 90S). The range has also instant proteins from micellar caseins or native whey. These proteins are ideal to prepare shakers, quickly solubilized.

Because of their daily physical efforts, sports people category needs an adapted diet and particularly an important protein intake: 1.4g/kg of body/day versus 0.83g/ kg of body/day for an adult, thus in total 39.9g proteins supplementary for an adult of 70kg.

To facilitate this supplementary intake in proteins, PRODIET® Fluid is used for « Build Up »: a high-protein beverage « ready-to-drink » with 20g of protein in a can of 250ml. This protein is a micellar casein enabling to have a high fluidity. Thanks to the slow amino acids release, « Build Up » is ideal for an optimal recovery after the effort.

PRODIET® 90S, native whey, is used for a high-protein gel « Speed Up ». Gels are perfectly adapted for endurance sports (long-distance running, cycling, triathlons etc…). These are really interesting as soon as the effort is longer than 3 hours to boost the energy. « Speed Up » stands out with the most of the gels on the market with a well-balanced formula: 25% glucids and 25% proteins. The soluble protein provides the energy quickly and all the essential amino acids and branched amino acids including leucine needed to trigger the muscle synthesis. This gel of 30g « 2-in-1 » has to be taken before or during the effort.

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