PRODIET® unique milk proteins for the future of clinical nutrition.

PRODIET® is a range of unique milk proteins to meet the needs of the clinical nutrition market:

  • An outstanding nutritional profile

Milk proteins, micellar caseins and soluble proteins, have a higher essential amino acid content than the reference protein defined by FAO in 2007. Its chemical index is therefore greater than 100.

  • High digestibility

If the amino acid composition is an essential element in avoiding deficiencies, it is also important that these amino acids are absorbed into the blood. The Chemical Index Corrected by fecal digestibility formerly used to Measure Protein Quality (PD-CAAS) is now replaced by DIAAS (FAO). It corresponds to the chemical index corrected by the ileal digestibility (ie: determined at the end of the small intestine) which better reflects the amount of amino acids absorbed. Milk proteins have a DIAAS of 123 (FAO report, 2007) which corresponds to an optimal digestibility.

  • Associated micronutrients

Milk proteins and particularly micellar caseins have a specific advantage: they are rich in highly bioavailable calcium, which gives them an important role in bone health. More generally, dairy products provide specific elements for animal products, such as vitamin B12.

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