PROMILK® 600A, the ideal milk protein for SKYR

Huge trend in USA, SKYR is knowing an amazing growth in the world with products well implanted in Europe and an imminent arrival in Asia!

Ideal for lunch or as a snack, Skyr has every quality to satisfy its consumers who are looking for healthy, balanced and gourmet products!

PROMILK ® 600A milk protein is the ideal ingredient in SKYR production to answer to your consumers expectations and take its place in the market: it allows to increase the protein content of the final product, while keeping a gourmet and creamy texture.

HEALTH: rich in proteins (up to 10%) and poor in fat (0.5%)

TEXTURE: onctuous and creamy

TASTE: fresh and milky taste

CLEAN LABEL: 100% dairy ingredients (skimmed milk and PROMILK® 600A).

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PROMILK® is an innovative milk proteins range for fresh milk products.