PROMILK® 852 B micellar casein with texturizing properties

Created from only filtration processing, PROMILK® 852 B is a milk protein naturally rich in native micellar casein. This native processing enables PROMILK® 852 B to be particularly functional in food applications with optimal hydration and exceptional heat stability properties.
In cheese applications, this micellar casein is well-known for its texturizing properties (to create the cheese structure).
Rennet casein, sodium caseinates, milk proteins, casein, etc. are all dairy ingredients used in processed cheese! Sodium caseinates are widely used in processed cheese but they exhibit many disadvantages: consumer perception (chemical process), bad taste, and currently very high prices. Sodium caseinate does not have stabilizing properties in cheese formulations.
However, these disadvantages can be alleviated with Ingredia’s PROMILK® 852 B.  Ingredia’s micellar casein replaces 100% of cheese proteins. With PROMILK® 852 B, manufacturers can formulate and create a well-textured block cheese.

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