PROMILK® SH 20 = a unique milk protein to produce cheese without whey separation

PROMILK® SH 20 is an optimized micellar casein. Ingredia’s non-denaturing process perserves the native form of casein compared to sodium caseinate. PROMILK® SH 20 also has optimal nutritional and functional benefits.

A functional milk protein
This unique protein has specific adapted functionalities that are necessary for the production of ripened cheese and all fresh cheese.

– Easy-to-use: PROMILK® SH 20 hydrates better when compared to standard milk protein isolate and is completely heat stable.

– Texture enhancer: due to its composition in micellar casein (92% of total proteins), PROMILK® SH 20 is the best adapted protein to make cheese.

– Neutral taste.

PROMILK® SH 20 and cheese without whey separation:
100% yield (no whey treatment), a whole range of products on the same production line, high quality traditional cheese , and an optimized cheese composition are the features and benefits of this new way to make cheese with highly specialized milk proteins.

With its functional properties, PROMILK® SH 20 is well adapted for this technology.

– Easy-to-process: to produce cheese without whey separation, technologists formulate the cheese with a large quantity of protein. When using PROMILK® SH 20 a curd with perfect viscosity and an optimal texture is formed.

– Ripens the same as traditional cheese: compared to standard milk protein isolate, PROMILK® SH 20 has significant buffering power. This ensures the same ripening step as in traditional way of producing cheese.

– No off-taste: in fresh cheese, PROMILK® SH 20 guarantees a neutral taste instead of the bitterness which can come from standard micellar casein or sodium caseinate.

Using PROMILK® SH 20 guarantees being a leader in cheese innovation!