Clinical nutrition

What is it about?

  • Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass which mainly affects the elderly population. It prevails in this demographic group due to their tendency to often consume too little protein, combined with too little physical activity.

This pathology affects a large number of people and can have very serious consequences such as falling and breaking bones, thus hindering mobility and leading to becoming dependant.

Sarcopenia prevention must include a nutritional strategy in which muscle reinforcement through physical exercises and an adequate supply of protein play a major role.

  • Undernourishment

Undernourishment appears when the food intake does not supply enough nutrients to fulfil the needs of the body for health and growth.

Weight loss is the main sign of undernourishment, a condition that can have serious consequences such as immune deficiencies, infections, higher risk of falls and bone fractures which can ultimately cause the individual to become bedridden.

Undernourishment prevention must include nutritional support early on, providing increased protein and calories intake.

  • Our complete range of proteins to serve the clinical nutrition industry:

    • Whey proteins fully address the needs of weakened individuals who require additional protein supply.

      With their fast digestibility, the can easily and quickly be assimilated for effective muscle building.

    • Our range of milk protein hydrolysates also offers a quick supply of amino acids and low allergenicity, therefore facilitating protein assimilation by individuals with a weakening condition.

    • Our micellar caseins have a slower digestibility and contribute to maintaining muscle mass in the long term. Our micellar caseins are very rich in micellar calcium, which contributes to bone protection and can thus reduce the occurrence of falls and fractures.

      Thanks to all of the unique properties of our proteins, your customers benefit from an optimal nutritional support!

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