Diet nutrition

With our wide range of native milk proteins, we offer you high-quality nutritional support to assist your customers with their weight-loss journey!


Consumer weight-loss support!

Excess weight and obesity are a major issue. Appropriate nutritional support promotes weight loss and reduces the feeling of hunger, for a successful diet. Diets high in proteins are proven to be effective.

Quickly digested, our whey proteins and our protein hydrolysates contribute, while on a high protein diet, to:

  • promoting weight loss and body-fat loss,
  • rapidly increasing satiety in order to reduce the amount of food ingested
  • Rich in micellar calcium, which is proven to avoid fat gain, our micellar caseins are slowly and gradually digested (up to several hours after protein consumption).

    While on a high protein diet, micellar caseins contribute to:

    • extending the feeling of satiety thanks to a slower digestibility of their proteins,
    • avoiding weight and fat gain thanks to their calcium content.
  • Our milk protein isolates and concentrates, 80% micellar casein + 20% native whey protein, provide numerous nutritional benefits while also offering a better amino acid composition than traditional whey proteins.


    Thanks to all of the unique properties of our proteins, your customers benefit from an optimal nutritional support!

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