Hydrolysates to address specific nutritional and functional needs

Our hydrolysates ensure:

  • high and easy digestibility,
  • very good bioavailability of the amino acids,
  • high levels of essential amino acids, branched-chain amino acids in particular.

With degrees of hydrolysis ranging from 15 to 25%, our hydrolysates consist of:

  • peptides of various molecular weight,
  • and free amino acids.

They have the same nutrient density as the native milk proteins they are coming form: native whey proteins or micellar casein.

  • Our milk protein hydrolysates are the ideal solution for:

    • products for clinical nutrition, targeting the nutritional supplementation of undernourished people,
    • post-workout recovery formulas for sports nutrition, a market in which they are particularly adapted thanks to their fast assimilation and high levels of branched-chain amino acids.

    In addition, their low fat content (<1%) positions them as the standard on the milk protein hydrolysates market.

    The functional properties of our hydrolysates specifically address the end-products requirements of nutrition markets.

    • Stable through heat-treatment and pH,
    • Highly dispersible and soluble in water,
    • Tasteless.

    All these properties make the use of our hydrolysates essential to your formulations!