Prodiet Advance

The ideal protein for high-protein puddings

With a chemical index above 120, PRODIET Advance is a micellar casein of superior quality. This ingredient is naturally rich in micellar caseins: 92% of the protein compared to 80% in a standard protein or fresh milk.

Being highly soluble, PRODIET Advance helps to:

  • produce puddings containing up to 12% proteins with a formula resistant to heat treatments.
  • reach a smooth and creamy texture with a pleasant milky/dairy flavor.
  • Thanks to the outstanding nutritional properties of this ingredient, high-protein puddings featuring PRODIET Advance can be consumed as a snack whether it be in diet, clinical or sports nutrition.

    In fact, puddings featuring PRODIET Advance contribute to:

    • managing weight while on a high protein diet, by reducing body fat and preserving lean body mass,
    • providing the adequate nutritional support required to promote muscle mass building and preservation,
    • preventing undernourishment through a diet high in proteins and calories,
    • maintaining muscle mass in people with sarcopenia.

    With PRODIET Advance, you can now develop products both effective, and indulgent!

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