A unique protein which will be your partner in formulating high-protein drinks. 

PRODIET Fluid is a unique micellar casein making it possible to:

  • formulate drinks with up to 14% protein while still remaining as fluid as milk!
  • offer a natural milky flavor in a formula resistant to heat treatments.
  • Beverages featuring PRODIET Fluid are targeting sports, diet and clinical nutrition markets thanks to the outstanding nutritional properties of this ingredient.

    In fact, drinks featuring PRODIET Fluid contribute to:

    • managing weight while on a high protein diet, by reducing body fat and preserving lean body mass,
    • providing the adequate nutritional support required to promote muscle mass building and preservation,
    • preventing undernourishment through a diet high in proteins and calories,
    • maintaining muscle mass in people with sarcopenia.

    With PRODIET Fluid, you can now offer consumers products that are effective, convenient, healthy and indulgent, all at once!

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