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Convenient, effective and natural, Tone Up is both effective and indulgent!

Thanks to our technical expertise, we have developed a concept of high protein drink with unique properties: Tone Up.

This high-protein drink packs 35 g of our Prodiet Fluid protein, in 250 ml => for a total content of 14% proteins.

Tone Ups outstanding fluidity makes it unique, being as fluid as milk despite its very high protein content.

Tone Up is not only fluid, but the drink offers a pleasant taste.

Tone Up features native micellar caseins derived from milk through a non-denaturing process. These micellar caseins are rich in branched-chain amino acids and in calcium.

Tone Up can be used both in sports nutrition to enhance muscle building and in diet nutrition to manage weight while on a high protein diet.

To meet consumer desires, we have developed three flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.