Glycaemia and healthy weight management


Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by hyperglycemia, which is when blood glucose (sugar) levels are too high.

This disease usually occurs in aging adults and prevails in obese or overweight people.

The International Diabetes Federation expect the global number of people affected by diabetes to increase by more than 50% between 2014 and 2030, jumping from 285 million to 438 million.

PRODIET Low GI is designed for glycaemia control and weight management in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Ready to use, simply rehydrate the powder with water and enjoy!
(recommended dosage: 50 g of powder in 180 ml of water / 1 to 2 times a day before meals).

  • PRODIET Low GI features:

    • Native whey proteins which stimulate insulin production
    • Carblite®, our unique bioactive ingredient, which helps regulate postprandial glycemic index and has an effect on weight management.

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