The ideal partner for expecting mothers and their unborn baby!


The nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing women are increased in order to provide the necessary nutrients for the heathy development of the fetus.

These nutritional requirements depend upon the stage of pregnancy and the hormone activity of pregnant women.

Our experts developed a specific formula for healthy and effective nutritional support of expecting mothers: PRODIET Mama.

Ready to use, simply rehydrate the powder with water and enjoy!
(recommended dosage: 40 g of powder in 180 ml of water / 1 to 2 times a day).

  • During pregnancy, the nutritional requirements in calcium, iron, proteins and vitamin B9 are increased for the wellbeing of the fetus and its mother.

    PRODIET Mama features:

    • micellar calcium,
    • proteins,
    • vitamin b9,
    • iron.

    In addition, PRODIET Mama contains Benexia® ALA Powder, an ingredient rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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