HP Puddings

Convenient and indulgent, our pudding is a treat packed with effective nutrition.


Thanks to its technical expertise, Ingredia Functional has developed a range of high-protein puddings.

With 12% of our PRODIET Advance protein, this pudding has many features which makes it unique.

Our high protein pudding contains micellar caseins, derived from fresh milk. Our micellar caseins give the product a smooth and creamy texture as well as a nice flavor.

Our pudding can be used both in diet nutrition as part of a high-protein diet and in sport nutrition for muscle synthesis.

Packaged in small individual containers of 125g, this pudding is convenient to carry and can be enjoyed anytime during the day. The pudding is shelf stable and can be kept up to 12 months.

Available in three flavors: chocolates, caramel and vanilla, for a variety of sweet moments!