Functionality and sensory quality to Bakery, pastries and biscuit sectors!With our knowledge of dairy ingredients and functional systems, our solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of Bakery sector.Our ingredients are the solution for products that combine innovation and authentic taste, while respecting the economic and technical constraints.
Glazing agent, egg replacer, protein enrichment, solution for filling, milk replacer: discover all our solutions!

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  • Glazing agent

    For a consumer, the indulgence of a product is the first choice criteria during shopping. That is why we have developed functional dairy solutions for attractive and authentic products.

    PROCAKE® GL range can be used in a wide range of applications. Its three main characteristics are: functional, easy-to-use and cost-effective.

    • Functional – Used as a glazing agent, PROCAKE® GL gives a golden and shiny colour to yours products,
    • Easy-to-use – In powder form, you can easily PROCAKE® GL ingredients to glaze your products while insuring cleanness of production lines. These ingredients are easy to carry and store,
    • Cost-effective – With PROCAKE® GL ingredients, you will reduce recipe costs while preserving colour and taste properties of the finished product (golden colour, shine, crispiness,…).

    PROCAKE® GL range replaces traditional glazing agents – such as egg yolk – in a large range of applications – from Viennese pastries to biscuits.

  • Eggs replacement

    Thanks to their functional properties and flavour attributes, eggs are an essential ingredient in bakery recipes. However, eggs raise a number of issues for manufacturers: allergen concerns, supply and storage, handling, religious restrictions, special diet needs and an impact on recipe costs of the end-products.

    Substitute eggs featuring taste, moistness, and freshness is possible thanks to our functional solutions: PROCAKE® ER. These ingredients are specifically formulated to replace eggs in bakery products. These solutions replace partially or totally eggs in a large range of applications – from sponge cake to doughnuts.

    PROCAKE® ER range offers concrete and cost-effective solutions to technological and organoleptic issues linked to egg replacement in the bakery sector.

  • Protein enrichment

    Consumers are looking for more and more health benefits in their foods. For example, products rich in protein. To meet this growing demand, we have developed a highly functional milk blend: PROCAKE HP 01.

    PROCAKE HP 01 enables end-products to be rich in protein while maintaining good organoleptic qualities:
    – Easy-to-use: good rehydration,
    – Highly functional: possible use in high dosage and in various applications,
    – Neutral taste,
    – Clean label: “milk protein” labelling.

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