Functional proteins

Our technological and commercial expertise enables us to offer a wide range of clean label proteins tailored to the needs of food sectors:

  • Total milk proteins
  • Protein rich in casein
  • Soluble milk proteins

The non-denaturing extraction process of protein preserves their functional and nutritional properties, while maintaining the same structure as in fresh milk.

Our proteins are specifically developed to meet the functional, economical and industrial requirements in food applications: fresh dairy products, cheeses, beverages, etc.…

Strengths of our proteins:

  • Stable protein composition,
  • Low fat and low lactose content,
  • Facilitated solubilization,
  • Neutral taste and odor.

We provide highly functional and innovative protein for several applications.

Functional solutions

We have developed tailor-made solutions combining dairy and non-dairy ingredients: functional systems. The objective is two-fold: offering new features and understanding your needs.

Our blends are divided into two types of products:

  • Dairy blends which contain only dairy ingredients,
  • Non-dairy blends which contain dairy and non-dairy ingredients.

Our highly functional solutions enable to:

  • Obtain specific new features: texture, sensory profile,
  • Develop cost-effective solutions,
  • Improve the nutritional profile of your end-products,
  • Simplify or improve your process (easy-to-use solutions).

Our strength is to bring you high quality solutions for Fresh Dairy Products (yogurt, mousse, etc.), Cheese (traditional and processed),  Bakery (pastries, cakes…).

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