Fresh dairy products

A complete range for each type of fresh dairy products

  • Yogurts (stirred, set, drinking and Greek-style),
  • Puddings,
  • Dairy specialties…

The PROMILK® range meets your needs and your constraints.

  • Our innovative solutions for yogurts

    Our natural, clean label, and highly functional solutions enable you to:

    • Provide or boost functionality,
    • Improve the nutritional profile of your products (reduction of fat without loss of texture, increased protein content compared to a standard recipe, …),
    • Reduce syneresis and decantation,
    • Optimize the cost of your recipe.
  • Here are the features of our proteins and our functional systems in several fresh dairy products:

    Greek-style yogurts Stirred yogurts Set yogurts Drinking yogurts
    – High protein end products
    – Texture improver: mouthfeel and consistency
    – Replacement / reduction of fat content
    – Texture improver: mouthfeel and consistency
    – Replacement / reduction of fat content
    – Creaminess and gelling properties
    – Cost-effective solution
    – Texture improver
    – Cost-effective solution

    The high functionality of the protein enable to reduce the fat content, for diet products or desserts, due to the creamy texture provided by protein.

    For example, our protein PROMILK® 600A can meet the current trend: customers are looking for products with a full flavor but low in fat. Our protein solution provides texture and smoothness to your products, allowing you to reduce the fat content in your end-products.

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    Our solutions for dairy desserts

    PROMILK® is a complete range of solutions for dairy desserts. Our functional proteins are adapted to:

    – Texture improver,
    – Spoonability,
    – Creamy and smooth texture,
    – Cost-effective.

    Topped flan:
    – Easy removal,
    – Texture improver,
    – Increase product bright,
    – Good spoonability

    – Stability of the product,
    – Emulsifying properties.

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