8In order to meet current consumption trends shifting towards healthier products with sustainable development, Ingredia is launching the “Via Lacta” range of ingredients, coming from its own responsible milk collection, at FIE 2017.

Via Lacta, Ingredia’s sustainable development initiative

In March 2017, Prospérité Fermière-Ingredia unveiled the name of its CSR policy: Via Lacta, which symbolizes the path towards an ever more responsible dairy industry.

This series of commitments is built around 3 pillars:

  • Research and cultivate the value of milk with Nature in mind
  • Ensure that the men and women we partner with thrive
  • Protect our planet’s future

This launch was also the opportunity to sign a 3-year partnership with WWF – France which supports this initiative.

Milk from grass-fed cows, Via Lacta’s flagship product

Since April 2017, about a hundred milk producers from the cooperative Prospérité Fermière fully committed to this project by launching a separate collection of a more eco-friendly milk, aligned with Via Lacta’s principles:

  • Milk coming from cows only fed with non-GMO products
  • Diet consisting of mainly grass, with at least 1,500m² (≈ 0.37 acres) of grazing area per cow guaranteed, for a minimum of 170 days a year
  • Cows raised on straw in the barn during the winter
  • A more profitable activity for the producer, thanks to a minimum price set each year by the cooperative as well as a 15 €/1,000 L premium for the production of VIA LACTA’s milk from grass-fed cows

These criteria serve several goals:

  • Preserving pastures within the region “Hauts de France”
  • Caring for animal welfare and thereby producing a better-quality milk
  • Ensuring the future of dairy operations for the farmers of the cooperative

October 2017: launch of the ingredients coming from Via Lacta’s milk from grass-fed cows

At FIE 2017, Ingredia will showcase its full range of products coming from the collection of Via Lacta’s milk from grass-fed cows. All the products that are part of Ingredia’s expertise are available: whole and skim milk powders, milk proteins, liquid milk for retail or dairy products for industrial use (cream, condensed milk, etc.).