Prodiet Bar®

The unique ingredient dedicated to the formulation of high-protein bars.

PRODIET BAR is an innovative blend of native proteins making it possible to raise the protein content in nutrition bars while:

  • Preserving a soft and pleasant texture,
  • Minimizing the hardening of the bar throughout its shelf life,
  • Giving the bar an exclusive and enjoyable milky flavour, compared to caseinates, cheese whey or vegetable proteins featured in nutrition bars already on the market.

Thanks to the outstanding nutritional properties of this ingredient, high-protein bars featuring PRODIET Bar can be used as snacks both in sports and diet nutrition.

  • PRODIET BAR contains micellar caseins and native whey proteins, thus contributing to:

    • managing weight while on a high protein diet, by reducing body fat and preserving lean body mass,
    • providing the adequate nutritional support required to promote muscle mass building and preservation.

    With PRODIET BAR, you can now offer consumers high-protein bars that are both effective, and indulgent!

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