Sports Nutrition

With our wide range of  milk proteins, we offer high-quality nutritional support throughout the entire training process, for the athletes in your customers!

  • Pre-workout: an immediate supply of amino acid is essential to get muscles ready for training,
  • During the workout: amino acids promote muscle synthesis,
  • Post-workout: they enhance recovery and muscle mass preservation.
  • Whey proteins and protein hydrolysates provide an immediate release of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids offering athletes:

    – Excellent workout preparation,
    – Muscle synthesis enhancement while training.

  • Micellar caseins provide a slower and more gradual release of amino acids for several hours after protein consumption, thus:

    – Promoting muscle synthesis while training,
    – Enhancing recovery and muscle mass preservation until the next workout session.

  • Our milk protein isolates and concentrates, 80% micellar casein + 20% native whey protein, provide numerous nutritional benefits while also offering a better amino acids composition than traditional whey proteins.



    Thanks to all of the unique properties of our proteins, athletes benefit from a comprehensive and optimal nutritional support!

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